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  • Well, i haven’t tried it yet, i just took a quick look at the datasheet, and what a dumb thing to do swapping those registers, but it’s good to know anyway, it would have took me some time to figure it out, cause the datasheets seems identical at first glance.

  • Unfortunately Luyten you are right, i had your problem and i did that same test a week ago, sorry if i didn’t post that here it might have saved you some time, however i posted it in the forums, anyway your only solution is to get replacements (that’s what i did) cause it’s hard to fix( don’t try it), so i suggest you contact techsupport as soon as you can, before they runout of parts, and they’ll take care of that.

  • HMC5883 is a bit faster, it works at 75Hz while HMC5843 was 50Hz max, the magnetic range is wider, it measures up to 8 guass, HMC5843 was 4 guass, however you won’t be needing that much, but it’s selectable anyway, the default selected range is fine which is about 1 guass for both, they have the same i2c address, same registers, same setup, so the good thing you don’t have to change anything in your program.

  • There are no conditions, and the hardware is not fine, they (techsupport) found out that there “IS” something wrong but they don’t know what it is yet, i’ll let you know when they know.

  • What kind of conditions, when am telling u that i have the same sensor working under the same conditions with the same microcontroller with the same program in the standalone breakout, and it doesn’t in the stick, and it’s not that hard to get it to work, i had 7 of those HMC5843 breakouts, and all works just fine, so sorry am not buying the “conditions” excuse/argument.
    I sent to techsupport days ago and no response yet

  • Well, let’s hope they get the main sensors to work first, and give us functional replacements, then they add whatever they want to add, cause it’s very unprofessional to sell untested products like this, i can’t beleive i bought 12 of those

  • Me too, i can’t get the magnetometer to respond, the gyro/acc are working just fine, and i know it’s not a code issue cause i have the standalone breakout of the same magnetometer (HMC5843) and it’s working fine, but of the magneometer of the stick seems dead to me, i can’t even initialize it, am getting no ACK signal from it.
    So Sparkfun people, are you sure that the magnetometer of the last lot is working properly or what cause i got a handful of sticks and i can’t get the magnetometer to work in any of the sticks, so plz let us know what’s the problem as soon as possible.

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