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  • Product ROB-11497 | about 10 months ago

    I just uploaded a video of this robot walking, I control it via WiFi with arrow keys on keyboard.

  • Product WRL-11786 | about 11 months ago

    Why no quantity price breaks? :(

  • Product CAB-11579 | last year

    Am I the first one to notice this… the JST polarity is the wrong way round!

  • Product PRT-10217 | last year

    I don’t think this is being too picky. I was actually confused by “a rate of 500mA per hour”, I assumed it meant that the current drops by 500mA per hour as some kind of safety feature.

  • Product DEV-10406 | about a year ago

    Found the problem. The Arduino was sending strings to the RFID instead of bytes. Need to change rfid.print(number) to rfid.write((uint8_t)number) in functions: halt() and seek(). Works great now!

    I uploaded working code to: https://github.com/SebMadgwick/RFID_Eval_13_56MHz

  • News - New Product Friday: Shiel… | about a year ago

    Sparkfun must be the coolest company I know but if I saw you guys dancing like that, for this meme, I would defiantly lose some respect for you guys.

  • Product DEV-10406 | about a year ago

    I did this and I get the “START” message but that’s it. The “Found” and “Search” LEDs don’t do anything and nothing new appears more on the serial terminal. I testing it with the tag SEN-10128 but have also tried various cards in my wallet.

    Any idea what’s going wrong?

  • Product SEN-11447 | about a year ago

    I like the black JST, do you have a part# for that?

  • Product WRL-11601 | about a year ago

    I just powered my up and it appeared as a keyboard. I sent the “S~,0” command to revert to SPP and it now appears as “Other”. This would seem to indicate it has HID firmware installed and that HID mode is default.

  • Product WRL-11215 | about a year ago

    I find that the wire is better than chip. My UK supplier said that this trace is better than chip, I have not noticed any difference.

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