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  • Interesting! I'm wondering if this can be used (with suitable Arduino project, of course) to regulate the airflow into a charcoal smoker to control the temperature. It would need some suitable mounting hardware, but this is a great value. Most of the custom-built blowers I've seen for smokers run in the $50-$60 range. The big question: what's the best way to control the blower? on/off, PWM, some kind of DAC?

  • Pricey... but this kit will save you about $18 over buying the pieces separately.

  • Ahhh!!! I just ordered a regular old DS18B20 for a temp control project. The sealed one would have been perfect. grumble

  • I got all the software installed but it's running SUPER slow for me. I've got a fairly modern laptop with a dual core i5 processor but the face detection is occurring about once every second or two, much too slow for real-time tracking. Does any one know what could be going on?

  • What's the max inductive load? I'm thinking about controlling a small air conditioner (or maybe refrigerator) with one of these.

  • I have one of these shields and it's a lot of fun. It has a little slider switch that controls whether or not to display the television signal along with the TVout signal. The switch could probably be replaced with a dual throw relay so that it could be Arduino-controlled. Then you could temporarily turn off the video signal and replace it with your own message. Just expanding on the April Fool's joke ideas!

  • I got one these from a different kit vendor but it looks exactly the same. The trouble is that for the life of me I can't get red to light. I'm assuming it is just a defective red element. Has anyone else experienced this?