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  • I'm curious what people are seeing for background CPM, and what samples people have found interesting when using this device? (I'm seeing about 3 CPM currently and am considering getting the Geiger test card from United Nuclear...)

  • It's a common metric because WS2812s are most commonly seen in strips (typically 1m cuts from 5m spools), and the most common one seemed to have 60 LEDs per meter.

    However, at full brightness (single supply, powering both ends of the strip) I only managed to draw about 10W/m (around 30-35mA/LED)... and the power supply was pretty beefy too.

    They do dissipate a lot of heat so the practical limit of having so many so close together on a thin backing is a limiting factor regardless.

  • I'm surprised the APA102 devices aren't being used for this - they offer SPI (faster data rates and no bit-bang required = far easier for Linux-based devices) and higher PWM frequency.

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