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  • hi
    I am using the LPY5150 on a PCB with SiLabs uController (f340). The problem i get is that the voltage output at 1x, 1y, 4x and 4y keeps dropping continuously i.e. first they read 1.23V then they start dropping to .59V. The vref remains constant at 1.23V. Can anyone help with this problem?
    My configuration of the IC is as follow:
    ST(11) -> GND
    HP(13) -> GND
    PD(12) -> GND
    VCC (14,15,16) -> 3.3V with 0.1uf and 10uf capacitors.
    Low pass filter is implemented as per above schematic.
    Vref(7) -> is open
    FIL TVDO(2) -> OPEN
    CONT(3) -> OPEN
    any help ?

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