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  • Not such a great sensor for obstacle avoidance on an AV.
    When range get belows its valid range ( < ~4 cm), the sensor will read just about anything.
    Looks like if the signal is blocked, the sensor thinks the distance is so great that the signal dissipated before it could return and be read.
    Makes sense.
    But not so great if your AV turns into something. :^)
    Looks like the more expensive ultra sonic sensor is smart enough to interpret a blocked signal as its minimum distance. (conform anyone?)

  • How efficient is the voltage regulator?
    Rumor has it that the Uno has a very inefficient regulator.
    Is this the best choice if you're interested in extended battery life?
    Is the efficiency a fn of VIN?
    Is it more efficient to, say, supply a VIN of 4.5V than, say, a VIN of 9V?

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