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  • Be VERY careful about voltage reversal! I cooked 4 of these (immediate poof of smoke when power applied) before i realized that the datasheet physical drawing shows the pins when the sensor is upside down. Thank god i ordered 5. Running straight off Arduino Uno and used a 330ohm resistor for the transmitter and getting nice response so far.

    Would be nice on the next version if the components were a bit more tolerant. I'd pay an extra $.50 for that peace of mind.

  • Using this with Easy Driver and Arudino Mega. Just figured out that AccelStepper.h works (AND IS AWESOME) to control it. The only downside is the noise, especially when running at slow speeds (1/8 steps). Anybody have any ideas as to how to reduce sound other than shock mounts? Total enclosure not an option for my purpose.

  • I must have missed the memo, but what is the justification for the funky (.15") spacing for group of pins (8-13, GND, AREF)? All the other groups align with my standard .1" breadboard?

  • Question: So i understand that the two silver leads are the actual switch circuit and the gold goes to ground for the LED. However, i'm wanting to use a higher source voltage (24-30VDC). Still a bit of an electronics noob, but can i do a voltage divider (put a resistor between the gold and ground) to reduce the voltage across the LED down to 12V?

  • The LED is inserted from the bottom and the little plastic cup that hold it in place only has 3 pin holes. Not a great big deal, but bought this to use with the 10mm RGB LED (COM-11120) that has 4 leads. The holder itself is plastic (as stated in the description) with a chrome finish. Not sure it will hold up for extended use. I do like the fact that the LED is recessed for protection.

  • hey. crazy question on this. everything i've seen said that having a magnetic field nearby can interfere with the accuracy. What if i wanted to imbed a magnet (say a small/medium rare earth) and use this device to always reference towards that magnet? the furthest the magnet would be is about 30" to 40" from the sensor, would it still detect? How would you determine the size of magnet for distance to override the earth's pole?

  • Sorry to be grammar police but you may want to fix "SparkFun has ran a second company."

  • Hey. looking to find a good mounting solution for this onto a project box. Any suggested DIY projects or prefab bezel solutions for a professional look?

  • Accelerometer or Gyro? I'm kinda new but have read the details on both and still not sure which is better for my project. I'm mounting the sensor on top of a tripod detect whether or not the top is swaying. I don't need direction indication, just raw movement detection, but the movement may be slight and smooth (swaying, not knocks). Which would be best or is there another type of sensor better suited for it? Thanks for any suggestions!

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