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  • "Bill - get the Arduino and motor shield wired up and programmed. Steve - get the EM 506 GPS and LSM9DS0 IMU package ready. George - get the finger print sensor and Polar heart monitor integrated and ready to go for the Rasberry Pi. Sue - get the Rasberry Pi integrated - we need IC2 communication running with the Arduino immediately before we can put the sensor packages in. Jim - you need to integrate the servos. Coordinate with Bill on this. Jamie - this is critical - find us a watermelon. It needs to be at least 20 pounds for this project to work."

  • Ah.... but that can't work. Gliders don't have propellors. (Sorry- but I couldn't resist the setup. :)

  • I have been thinking along these lines for a while. I think the problem with GPS is accuracy at least compared with the "steam" values in a 2-33. 100 ft/minute climb is only 1.13 mph. GPS is generally not accurate enough to give this kind of accuracy in flight. You can go back and do the averages, but it won't help you thermal reliably. The problem is compounded because the total energy you get from the climb is the kinetic + potential. You can gain some potential by giving up kinetic, so you have to make sure you are actually gaining energy in the thermal not just altitude. (Of course, gliders have a TE probe to do just this.)

    Having said this, there are some flight systems that use GPS to look at this, albeit crudely. I often flight with a simple Garmin hiking unit which has a built in barometer. It is nice for very simple flight recording, but certainly not for records or badges.

    The simple solution would be to use a $33 iphone/nexus app with a $99 GPS bluetooth unit. Yes- there is an app for that. I don't think you are going to do better or cheaper than the commercial solutions.

    I think it could be fun to add a camera, 3 axis IMU, and GPS for a full flight log. It might help you do better on landings if you can review the flight. The commercial stuff doesn't do that, and it would make awesome home movies later if you can sync the log with the video. Have fun!

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