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my website (with some of my electronics projects): patronics

  • Would the holes for mounting the barrel jack connector happen to fit an XT60 connector like the ones you sell? Also what current level can this board tolerate? I'd like to use it with a 10A PTC fuse if possible.

  • Although not a guide, it’s relatively easy to decipher the code provided for the arduino, I easily translated that for use with a PICAXE, which works great. If you find a tutorial for any other i2c hardware with a raspberry pi, it’s largely the same process for this. The only information you really need is that this device defaults to the address 0x30 (or 0x18 in a 7 bit addressing variant as used on arduino), and that you send a 1 to it to turn it on, and a 0 to turn it off. Couldn’t be simpler!

  • Anyone know of a similar (still available) device, or when these may be available again? My college robotics club has a design that needs several, yet I only bought 2 before they went out of stock.

  • This sounds awesome! I agree with peter, it’d be 1000x as awesome (+/- 5%) if you would (at least optionally for the creators) make the kits publicly accessible, at least as a list of parts to automatically add all at once to your cart, wishlist, etc. Then the most popular ones could be adopted into full fledged proper kits! You could let the creators design the page with images and a description of the kit, with an automatically included parts list with links to individual parts, and a button to add all of them to your cart or wishlist. Basically crowdsourcing kit design for you! This would be so awesome, I know I’d get some of them to try (and probably create some, if it’s opened up to people who don’t already have a school class or anything set up.)

  • Any chance you guys could stock some 1.75 mm filament as well? I just got my first 3D printer (a Prusa i3 Mk3) this week, and it’d be awesome to be able to order fillament from the same place I get so much electronics from!

  • A device that plays context sensitive music base on either voice tone recognition or heart rate) like videogames (e.g. dramatic boss battle music when you are angry (as determined by the tone of your voice or heart rate), and peaceful music when relaxed) :)

  • false! :)

  • when will this be back in stock?? my last soldering iron (a cheap radioshack one) suicidally melted it's own power cable :( ;) and I want to get a good (this) one this time :) .

  • what about a sparkfun search by price? :p

  • We now have the rare oportunity to witness the Bob in his natural habitat, and preparing to insert new components into his android brain. This occurs only once every 300 years, when his components begin to degrade.