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  • Save your money. If you want something that works out of the box, go elsewhere. This entire system is riddled with bugs and the documentation has never been updated. If you want UART only transmission, you might be satisfied. If you want speeds above 921 kbps you need to write your SDIO interface for SPI transmission to your micro controller. Roving networks have some example libraries but you need the RN171 development board, PIC processor or AMATEL processor, and even then you will need to write your own SDIO libary for it. When you decide its all too hard and revert back to the latests UART only firmware you will need to manually set each setting for ftp from scratch and use an update method not even listed in the documentation. If you do manage to get your firmware reverted, you will find your WiFly GSX wont save setting properly and eventually you'll just wish you'd purchased the GAINSPAN modules. Roving networks have horrible support. You will receive absolutely zilch from them and sparkfuns forums are dead and unmonitored by their staff.

  • Has anyone got this working with a maple? I'm not having any luck.

    Power: Supplying 3.3v regulated supply (VDD In, VDD Batt) and 3.3V RIN to ground (as per the documentation).

    RX to TX, TX to RX

    Simple serial setup and print('$$$') but no response. Tried jumping on GPIO 9 for a adhoc network however I don't know the mac address. Can somebody see something wrong?

  • Finally Isolated the problem as to why my XBEE's weren't talking. The DLINE / UART switch is quite flimsy. So even set in UART mode it wasn't sending to the UART. By sheer luck I pushed the switch really hard towards the UART side and finally it worked.

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