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Stefan Thoolen

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  • Is it just me, but does the software only log data when it's an integer value? It only works for me when I've disabled auto range and set the range so it only shows integer numbers. This way, I can't log 3.3V, just 3V or 4V. :S

    The multimeter itself works perfectly, and the software shows all values as on the screen of the multimeter. It's just the logging over time function in software that seems bugged.

  • The captcha, is it hosted on a sparkfun server or an external server? Aren't we DDOSing the external service in that case? :)

  • The picture shows a red board but mine was green. No big deal, but perhaps they should be sold in different colours, or the pictures should get an upgrade.

  • Thanks for reminding me, it'll be a hell of a work to put it together ;-)

  • "Darn, I look stupid in this red shirt"

    Okay, it's not a good one, but worth the try I suppose ;-)

  • As a technician, I still think it could be a bit (or actually 8-bits) better, but I totally understand the commercial part of cost/benefit :-)

  • Every shift register has 8 outputs. The bars have 10 inputs. So I wonder why not 4 bars and 5 shift registers? (4x10=40, 5x8=40)
    Now there are 3 bars with 4 shift registers (3x10=30, 4x8=32) so 2 outputs can't be used.

  • Ohh the Doctor Who theme song from a tesla coil, cool!

  • I just got this by mail today and I got the right stuff, but if I look at the printing, something is odd;
    it has
    "12.5mm Coin Cell" printed on it. Size isn't 12.5mm I suppose :)