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  • I got one last week. Here are my comments:
    1. Please update your example code, it just doesn’t work. The best example software is from Diana Eng,
    2. The Bildr Tutorial is really clear and everyone should probably look at it, is the only doc that shows how to connect the inverter(s) correctly.
    3. When I tried to use the 3.3V inverter, it worked standalone, but not when driving the sequencer. It took a lot of current when connected to the sequencer and its output was zero. When the AC output was unplugged from the sequencer, it could drive an EL wire, as though the sequencer was shorting it. However, when the 12V inverter drove the sequencer, that worked fine. A mystery (to me, at least).
    4. How do you dim the EL wires? PWM? I tried the “bit banging” method and that worked for a short while. Now most of the Triacs now seem blown out. Is it not ok to pulse the triacs at, say 1 KHz with a software-PWM method? My sequencer can now just turn on two of its outputs (the inverter and wires are fine).
    5. Please include the right headers for the sequencer, kind of frustrating to get it and then not be able to program it without finding one. It is useless without some program, so I think everyone needs that header.
    6. Suggest you include a default program, so that it will do something reasonable out of the box.

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