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  • I used the eagle files of this shield for the base of a PCB shield and please note that there is a mistake. JP5 is correct in the schematic but flipped in the PCB version. You can see that pin one is on the left for JP5 where it should be on the right. This caused me a few hours of frustration so I hope that this helps you out or the schematic is changed!

  • Hello
    does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I dont know if i didn't read the data sheet correctly but I have hooked up a 4000 ma battery to this little board and after draning it down to 2.8 V it cuts off (instead at the 2.6V UVLO) and when I charge it, it only goes up to 4 V (instead of the 4.2 V)
    Thanks all!

  • Hello!
    So i have this little circuit board and it is so neat! To answer your question the charging circuit and the boost circuit are independent which means you can charge the battery while supplying something with 5 or 3.3 volts. I am not sure what a No-Break is but this circuit board will give a constant 5 or 3.3 volts as long as your lipo battery is above 2.6 volts and you can charge it whenever you would like and it does not affect the output.

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