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  • Safety Note!
    That's not what an electrolytic cap looks like if you reverse voltage it. If you want to try and see what it really looks like, do it outside, wear safety goggles, and stay at least 10 feet away! They pretty much go like firecrackers - but don't really.
    Seriously, DON'T reverse connect them even for fun -- you may get injured. Be carefull to always put them in right.
    BTW, about 90% of failed electronics in my experience (monitors, motherboards, power supplies, radios, cfl bulbs etc) go bad from bad caps (leaking electrolyte). Not too bad to replace and a lot of times you can save the item. I've saved 3 out of 5 bad lcd monitors, and 5 out of 10 motherboards by replacing the bulging caps. The success rate is better if you can replace them before the device starts failing (when they fail, they often short and take other parts out with them). I'd recommend too, when buying motherboards, look for ones with Japanese and/or solid electrolyte electrolytic capacitors.

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