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  • Some results:
    * It does also not work with option -B 32 and without B option
    * It seems to work fine with a smaller file
    My assumption is that the file size is limited to 0x10000, but I need to write 68168 byte.
    Is it correct that the programmer will not work for flash sizes above 64k?

  • I am working in a Windos 7 -64 environment and am trying to program a AVR-net-io board with a (replaced) ATMEGA1284P.
    * I could successfully install a driver from here:
    * I have successfully changed chip erase delay in avrdude.conf (version 5.10) to 55000 as described here
    Command is:
    avrdude -c usbtiny -B 1 -p atmega1284P -U flash:w:NETIO+.hex
    * Erasing and writing works, but I get a verification error, first mismatch at 0x10000
    Any ideas? has the chip worked for anyone?
    Thanks, tfv

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