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  • I just bought one of these. It's a very nice looking package and setting it up is incredibly simple. The only thing that bugs me about it so far is the software doesn't seem to have a vertical logic readout like some LA's - but that's no huge deal.
    I tried it out with an ATMega48 sending data to an HD44780 LCD and it seems to work fine. I'm thinking this thing is gonna make my micro problems less of burden!

  • I kinda like the idea (well, I can't wait to see the stickers - I'll be honest, I would order the burning teddy bear sticker). As far as the concept, I have to say it is definitely far from the norm. In engineering studies, you have it hammered into to you that your design must be as flawless as possible and that failure is a bad thing. But that's where engineering differs from creativity.
    Think of the great minds of the past, how many inventions have come about after numerous, costly failures? Here you're given the chance to create something where failure doesn't cost you the whole design. If you make a bad design, the teddy bear lives.
    My only concern is the cost, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who just can't justify the expense. Good luck guys!

  • Man, I wish I could have gone. One of these years, I have GOT to go to Maker Faire - it looks like an awesome time! It would have been more awesome to go to this one, just to finally meet some of the people that have helped fuel my addiction to electronics!

  • I wish SFE had this a few years ago. I modified a 350 Watt Antec PSU to get the same feature. I know I spent more than $14.95 in parts too. This would be nice - no cutting or splicing or trying to stuff all of the wires into the case without shorting the rails - and it doesn't take part of a day to make it look nice!
    Just check the supply you want to use with it. There are plenty of PSU's that have a very low minimum load. I skipped the load resistor on mine and it will still source very small circuits - and it hasn't grenaded even after long periods of use.

  • I can't wait 'til I break my current pair of safety glasses - pretty sure I've found the replacements!
    When did you guys get the glasses and the lab coats? I must have missed them last week when I was building my order.

  • Whoa SFE is in the 10M category?! Awesome! I've dealt with a handful of those companies and all of them have been great. I'm glad to see that this niche is growing. When I first started messing with hardware the only place I could parts from was this little shack that sold radios. With massively marketed consumer electronics taking over, it's cool to see that there are still groups out there that will still make their own designs - just to do it.

  • I'm glad to see that the folks at SPARC were willing to talk with you guys like humans - and agreed to leave you to your devices. I always get angry when big groups muscle little groups around! Glad to see this is ending on suitable terms! Congrats!
    Oh yeah - and it would have been a pain changing my homepage on all of my computers to go to a new URL - so, hooray for that too!

  • That's a really cool idea - like those old school picture jumbles.

  • Talk about frustrating, I had my order planned down to the last component. I didn't have anything major, a couple of experimental parts and a couple of necessities. Right when the counter hit 00:00:00, I tried to check out and didn't see SF again until around 11:00.
    Was I pssed? Heck yeah, it sucks to not get anything - when so many others are. Especially when there is an element that is buying $100.00 worth of products to resell.
    Am I gonna blacklist SFE? H
    LL NO! Because, even though I personally didn't get anything for free - there are plenty of others (that will actually use the parts) that are gonna get their first chance to make something that they couldn't afford before.
    Despite the fact that I had my order planned for about a a week prior to Free Day - and ended up buying the necessities at regular price, I have to commend SF for giving back!
    Don't be mad at SF, be mad at the freeloaders and opportunists that clogged the pipes to make a buck off of SF's generosity!

  • Wow, that's ridiculous! I've used Sun products for a while and have NEVER drawn that similarity. I would suppose that anyone in the tech industry should be able to tell the difference between SparkFun and SPARC Ind. - if not, well he/she should not be in the technology industry! I really hope SPARC removes their cranium from their rectum. Bullying a small company around is idiotic for a company of their size.

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