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  • The use a simple push button, if you can power a relay with a lily pad that would be your best way of doing so.

  • Is there a longer length of this wire say 15m?

  • for Christmas you could use Santa instead of a ghost. and change the color scheme. to red and green. i would add a button to disable to ghost though. its fun to try and chase it but its very distracting when your trying to get things done.

  • the lcd is using the serial backpack. due to the different chipset to the OLED, it won't allow them to use the current serial lcd backpack that sparkfun offers for non serial LCD's.

  • im gonna take a guess that you were using the cerberus to power both of those arduinos at the same time. Oh and you should make a serial backpack for the OLED. or would the one you have work?

  • good to know. i was trying to guess. are they still waterproof when pressed down?

  • there are many new knobs available: COM-10001 take a look at the bottom of that product page for more.

  • usually they will only light up in the on, thats my experience buy switches like this, but as for this product i'm unsure. contact sparkfun customer support. i'm sure they can help.

  • nothing, the product you mentioned is designed in sparkfun's amazing packaging for business or people that may want to sell the product. other than that it appears to be the same product.

  • from the product video it looks as if it may go in about amm to latch. this product on this page is latching,so it must be pushed again to turn off whatever it is controlling. (when pushed on, it sits indented from when it is off.) (when it is off it is flush with the mounting surface.) hope this helps.

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