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  • We tried another specimen and it worked until our tech soldered wires to the board so I think the reason that it did not work first is something which happens during soldering.

  • We bought BMP085 from Sparkfun and used C8051F340 to communicate with it via I2C.
    Temperature measured 23.1 degC.
    The pressure measured was 99568 Pa. The local weather station had 29.47 in = 99 785 Pa
    These are the dig. signals over the i2c bus.
    AC[12345] = {10377, -1393, -14300, 35532, 24474, 20309}
    B[12] = {5498, 78}
    M[BCD] = {-32768, -11075, 2432}
    UP = 368764, UT = 28522.
    I would say the complexity level of this device is more than I expected.
    Overall this device is working great.

  • This part did not work as expected.
    Used 3V power supply.
    Measured AUD on oscilloscope.
    The output was 1.5 V DC. No audio.
    Tried a different power supply. Tried a different set of probes. Tried 3.3V Vcc. Never worked.

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