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  • Product BOB-09868 | about 3 years ago

    We tried another specimen and it worked until our tech soldered wires to the board so I think the reason that it did not work first is something which happens during soldering.

  • Product SEN-09694 | about 3 years ago

    We bought BMP085 from Sparkfun and used C8051F340 to communicate with it via I2C.
    Temperature measured 23.1 degC.
    The pressure measured was 99568 Pa. The local weather station had 29.47 in = 99 785 Pa
    These are the dig. signals over the i2c bus.
    AC[12345] = {10377, -1393, -14300, 35532, 24474, 20309}
    B[12] = {5498, 78}
    M[BCD] = {-32768, -11075, 2432}
    UP = 368764, UT = 28522.
    I would say the complexity level of this device is more than I expected.
    Overall this device is working great.

  • Product BOB-09868 | about 3 years ago

    This part did not work as expected.
    Used 3V power supply.
    Measured AUD on oscilloscope.
    The output was 1.5 V DC. No audio.
    Tried a different power supply. Tried a different set of probes. Tried 3.3V Vcc. Never worked.

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