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  • Hi, I need a 1.1v instead of a 3.3v output for my project, on the current pin. I added a 10k and 4.7k voltage divider on the output to scale it to 1.1v, but I'm not getting the readings I'm expecting i.e. the output voltage barely rises when a load is applied. Either I'm doing something wrong, or I blew up the INA169 with my soldering iron. Is it a temperature sensitive chip? Any tips?

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  • Hmm, one year later, and this still isn't fixed?? Just burned my finger at the damn thing.

  • Hi, can you please share your pde sketch and schematic? tnx

  • Before I buy this, what's the difference between this one and the less than half this price costing HMC5883L? Hte latter is actually in stock...

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