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Member Since: June 15, 2011

Country: United States



Permanently Wheelchair disabled since 1996 post a high velocity accident in 1982 and fighting extremely rare and unique cancers caused by active service in the British armed forces.


Research and Development, logistics and sourcing


Transport and Logistics, MILT MInstTA MINSTLM

Spoken Languages

Mainly English with a little technical languages in German, Norweign, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Turish, Danish, Welsh, etc.

Programming Languages

Smalltalk, assembly, C and C++, Java


RSGB, AMSAT-UK, TAPR, Advance driving, Min


Open University


Transport and Logistics, Radio (Satellite and Terrestrial) communications, IT and Computing, electronics, professional driving. Weapons and munitions development and testing.


Computing, Amateur Radio satellites and space communication, electronics, R&D, programming and development in advanced fields. Digital photography and History. Research into treating extreme rare and unique cancers related to chemical and radiation contact.


Betws Más o'r Byd (Betws outside the World) history book, other technical articles related to my previous careers.

  • Nice shield but personally I would have included an SD card to data log all the information from the GPS and Arduino sensors onto a SDHC memory card, the bigger the memory size card the better using 32-bit FAT storeage, adding 10 dollars (£5) for the pieces to make a SD card holder would be a valuable asset to this shield.

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