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  • Wow. This is probably one of the best SparkFun blog posts ever. I think the few paragraphs written here show what SparkFun is all about more than anything I've ever read. Your company's and your staff's dedication to your customers as described here is just amazing, and letting us know what's going on in the background helps all of us appreciate what you're doing for us even more. Sadly, I won't be able to attend this year, but I wanted to comment on the post and let y'all know that I'm (as always) tremendously impressed with the leadership and staff of SparkFun, and that I hope to be a customer for many many more years.

  • What's the best way to request rules clarifications?

    I'm thinking of putting a GPS on my bot for an initial fix on the starting line, then unplugging/physically removing the GPS before the start of the run. Does that qualify for the no-GPS bonus?

  • I don't see the locations of the stanchions on the course preview; will they be added?

  • How wide is the beam spread (for lack of a better word)? How small of an object can this thing detect?

    I hope those two questions are actually asking the same thing. I'm wondering: if I put this on a rotating platform, how accurately can I resolve an environment around the sensor, and at what sample rate.

  • Is the banana now the universal online scale comparison reference?

  • Are there any real-time operating systems available for this board?


    The registration has just opened and already I feel way behind on my code....

  • How many measurements can I take per second? I sent this question in on the crowdfunding 'ask us' link and never got an answer. I'm not too keen on investing in a product where the company who wants my money won't answer basic questions.

  • Thanks, Sparkfun. For all the crap that you're getting about the captcha thing, it's fair and gives everyone an equal chance. You guys still rock.

  • No charity donations this year?

No public wish lists :(