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  • Work great with the new picobuck.

    Does anyone have a source for reflectors to mount these in?

  • One great attribute of latching sensors is in direction sensing in repetitive applications. Suppose there are two magnets in proximity with different polarities facing out. Passing a latching sensor in one direction produces a positive going pulse (on quickly followed by off), while passing the sensor in the other direction produces a negative pulse (last cycle’s on not off until next cycle).

  • I agree, the fifo interface for accel/gyro/mag is clean.

    What performance specs worse than the 9150 caught your eye xkcd…?

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a watch band to monitor accelerometer/gryoscope data. My prototype currently employs a proMini, 6DOF and Xbee.

    Is there room for one of your 6DOF breakout boards and/or Xbee?

    Is the i2c available on the board in this kit from the 328P?
    If not, can I purchase the watch enclosure separately?

    thanks, Richard

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