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  • I think I thought of a way! Copy and paste the above comment into the description. Haha. Actually, I usually go to the comments first when I have a problem, but I went looking for a tutorial first this time. I finally made it back here and the solution was right there waiting for me. I would also point out that under the “Customers also purchased” section the number two item on my page is https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10524 the Atmega328. Doesn’t that mean that many people who look at this item also look at the bare ATmega used for breadboarding an Arduino?? Not a big deal; it just seems like an easy fix.

  • You did what? How? Why wasn’t I warned about this? Those are tiny pins. By the way, THANKS. This really helped me.

  • Technovore says,“Wiff one if theeth ith groun?”

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