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  • I purchased this board and SM130 module and used the "Tag ID Example Code" as the framework to my program. The code works fine, but the range is really limited. I could get it to work at 1/4-inch away from the antenna, and that's about it! I also found that the transparent tags work better than the "laundry" tags. The "laundry" tags barely works even when making physical contact with the antenna. Not sure if the code is hindering the range, but I've found it this set up to have very limited use given the poor range. If anyone can think of something to help please let me know. Thanks.

  • Will this Module allow for multiple tags to be scanned simultaneously? I was looking at the ID-20 RFID Module (125 kHz), but I know that it cannot do multiple tags. The posts on the ID-20 page state that in order to do multiples you would need a HF unit. I'm assuming HF means "high frequency". Is this SM-130 (13.56 MHz) "high frequency" enough? Thanks.

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