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  • What was the point of this post? I think SparkX is a great idea, but there is exactly no point if you are just going to make digs at another company. Be Better…

  • I am curious why this kit was discontinued. Was it simply a business decision (wasn’t popular enough), or was it flawed in some other way?

  • Chips, chocolate to silicon, we got you covered…

  • I would love to see you mark the SPI pins (SCK, MISO, MOSI) on the board as well

  • And that is fine, no one is stopping you from doing it the other way. However don’t condemn a product because it doesn’t fit your needs. There are plenty of people who just want to play and experiment quickly without the messy cables, soldering, etc.

    Who knows, maybe using this product will inspire people to go deeper and learn to make robots the other way.

  • For the record I would love to see an updated/alternative version of this based on the ATxmega384C3, 32K of SRAM, 384K of Flash, 4K EEPROM, built in USB, etc.