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  • is it possible to send data from one of these to a service listening on the port the data is sent on? I cannot for the life of me get any data to end up where it's going. I'm transmitting frames to a socket listening on the same port its sending from and i get nothing, not even a connection.

  • This. The getting started guide gets you ready for using the etheros device cloud, but now how to use the dang thing. Maybe some programing examples of how to send some API based frames. I've had a hard time getting data sent to an open listener on another computer.

  • What sort of enclosure would you use with this? Seems like you'd need something exposed to the elements, but still free from getting wet.

  • also you could have the arduino just post updates to a webapp which could graph the data, instead of hosting the webserver on the arduino.

  • i like what you guys have done here. i use a custom built out freezer with a johnson controls thermostat on it, but i want to get a one wire temp sensor and some relays to control it instead. having that plus what you guys have done would be freakin' awesome.

  • This is super easy to hook up to an arduino. 5v to pin 3, ground pin 1 and hook up a digital line to pin 2. Make sure to put a 4.7k resistor between pin 3 and 2. You can find some sample code here: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/OneWire. The temperature sensitivity is great.
    have fun!