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  • It would be very helpful if you would note in the Features (or Replaces) section above that the Brightness settings are not compatible with the replaced part (now 00 to FF, were FF to 00).

  • CAUTION: The replacement part is not fully program compatible. Here, the Brightness is FF to 00, but in the replacement part, the Brightness is 00 to FF (dim to bright).

  • Thanks for the Brightness "flip" verification.

    However, it is a real pain to support two versions of this part, especially since there is no way to tell the difference when using just the Serial RX control.

    How about making a firmware version for this part that has compatibility with the part that this device is replacing?

    1. Power-On shows "0000" instead of blank.
    2. Brightness has the 0x00 as brightest, not 0xFF.
    3. Fix any other known incompatibility.


    1. I could re-flash these 3 units, if it is not too difficult.
    2. You can offer this device with "compatible" firmware installed.
    3. Then, I could continue using this part with minimum impact to my product.

    At least it would be easy for you to make the required firmware Hex file and make it available to us, or at least to me.

    I will look for a description of how to flash new firmware into this device, but maybe you can point me to the right info.

    Thanks, Gary

  • I am using 5v for power at VCC.

    Strange, my programmed brightness for the old part is:

    //uart_putchar(0x7E); // about half is too dim

    //uart_putchar(0x1E); // almost max daytime, still too dim

    //uart_putchar(0x00); // max for daytime

    // turn the brightness full ON

    uart_putchar(0x7A); uart_putchar(0x00); // full bright

    But, you say that 0xFF is full bright, not 0x00.

    Has this changed? Thanks Again, Gary

  • Using different power source, to eliminate that as a problem...

    The LED segments in this new part have MUCH, MUCH LESS brightmess (same driving code) than what I was getting with the previous part.

    I tested the new part and then the old part in the same test jig.

    Has anything changed in the brightness control commands, or in how the brightness is controlled from very dim to full bright?

    In the old part, the segments are nicely a constant bright.
    With the new part, they are dim, and flicker a bit.

    Unless there is a way to get up to the previous level of brightness, this new part is essentially unusable in my application.

    Any thoughts, please?

  • All segs off at Power ON means that there is no way

    to tell if the part is working before putting it into

    a working circuit.

    I put it in the circuit, set the baud rate, and then I

    can see the expected characters. Thanks, that is good.

    However, the brightness seems to be low, but I will check

    using a better power source than the test jig currently has.

    Thanks Again!

  • In incoming QC, I apply 5v to VCC and Ground to GND, but nothing lights up.

    The replaced unit would show "0000" after power-on bootup.

    What is different with this new design, please?

    I tried two parts, and all 3 of the Gnd/Vcc connections.

    Perhaps you can make the datasheet available as a single pdf?

    It seems that GitHub complains when I access the datasheet with IE7.

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