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  • Does this one have the same problem as SEN-10321? ie the mag sensor only works when pressure is applied?
    I have had 2 of those DoA so far :(

  • I have one of these and it does work well, hooray :)
    However I wonder if an LDO should be used instead of an LM317 - especially at higher currents the dropout is quite high (>1.5V).
    A LD1117V33 has a maximum dropout of 1.2V.
    You can do this yourself if you remove R1 and replace R2 with a link (for the 3.3V fixed version).

  • I got one of these and it works OK so far (talking to GPSd using an FTDI breakout board)
    I suggest putting a dab of glue at the edges of the connector as the second time I removed the board from the GPS module I lifted 2 pads :(
    That or use a knife between the two connector faces so no force is applied to the pads.
    I note that on the GPS board pins 1, 2, 9 & 10 are much bigger than the others, presumably for mechanical strength.

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