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  • 1: I'm pretty sure the Arduino Uno has 6 digital outputs that support PWM signals, does that limit the number of EL channels I can independently dim with the El Escudo to 6 instead of 8?
    2: I took a look at the library and it looked like it was missing a function to set the brightness level to anything other than full on or full off and keep it stable. Is there a way to set the brightness of a specific wire to anything other than 0 or 100% and keep it at that brightness level?
    3: I am aware that I can only illuminate one (maybe two) wires at a time. Will the overall brightness of my entire project be noticeably dimmer than when I am driving one channel at a time?
    4: Unless I choose to not connect certain header pins, will all of my digital IO be used by this board when I stack it onto the Arduino?
    5: Someone mentioned using capacitors to balance the brightness levels of segments with different lengths. What considerations must I make for a project like mine where segments can vary from 3-8ft?

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