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  • These are great! I would like to see the more advanced versions of LEDs too. RGB and Neopixels would really make this type of idea shine. Also, routing the leads out one side rather than the bottom would be best. The lego side of the build really suffers without the bottom connection.

  • Glad I could help. I would love to see the C# version (i prefer it to C). Is it posted anywhere?

  • You can import export the fingerprint templates, but it cannot check external data.

  • Look in the library… there is a delete function

  • There is a python port of my library out there that you might try. They claim to have wrote it themselves, but if you look at the code it is pretty clear lol.

  • Did you ever figure this out? Do you still need help with it?

  • I always wanted to write out those sections. The problem is memory. It has been a while since I have looked at the code. iirc there is not enough memory to download the template from the FPS, and there is no flow control on the serial comms. It is theoretically possible to download the data in a streaming format, and push it off of the arduino faster than it comes in, but I have yet to make that work.

  • got an email saying there were 8 of these in stock, and they were gone by the time I clicked the link!

  • Am I reading that right? 32x the ram of an Arduino Uno?

  • The reference manual and datasheet links are broken. Does the 60k ram mean I have a lot of program space, or variable space(like a 60k byte array)?