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  • This one is probably the best GPS: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9566 Here is a very similar one: http://store.diydrones.com/GS407_U_Blox5_GPS_4Hz_p/spk-gps-gs407.htm Here is information that you may find helpful: http://code.google.com/p/ardu-imu/wiki/WhatNeed

  • These work with TOL-09141 right?

  • ok, figured it out

  • Hi asselinpaul,
    I have become very frustrated while trying to build the project "What's the password? Arduino + Keypad". I did everything exactly as specified but when I downloaded the provided code, and then tried to compile it, this is the error that I received:
    secret_keypad.cpp.o: In function __static_initialization_and_destruction_0': secret_keypad.cpp:20: undefined reference toPassword::Password(char)'
    secret_keypad.cpp:37: undefined reference to Keypad::Keypad(char*, unsigned char*, unsigned char*, unsigned char, unsigned char)' secret_keypad.cpp.o: In functioncheckPassword()':
    secret_keypad.cpp:64: undefined reference to Password::evaluate()' secret_keypad.cpp.o: In functionkeypadEvent(char)':
    secret_keypad.cpp:51: undefined reference to Keypad::getState()' secret_keypad.cpp:57: undefined reference toPassword::reset()'
    secret_keypad.cpp:58: undefined reference to Password::append(char)' secret_keypad.cpp.o: In functionloop':
    secret_keypad.cpp:46: undefined reference to Keypad::getKey()' secret_keypad.cpp.o: In functionsetup':
    secret_keypad.cpp:42: undefined reference to `Keypad::addEventListener(void (
    I have no clue how to fix this, maybe you can help.

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