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  • I pulled a bunch of these out of an HP printer. They use them to position the printer head over the paper accurately. They use a strip of plastic about quarter inch high, and as wide as the printer with really thin vertical lines all over it to generate the light frequency. They also had a round disk to position the paper. So that's one application.

  • I dropped a new one of these in my Uno. Took me two days to figure out that the chip goes in upside down though. Reset pin (next to the little triangle), does not go next to the "RESET" label. I figured this out my using my multimeter on the empty DIP socket to find the VCC and Ground. So... little triangle goes on far side of the USB cable and you're golden.

  • It looks like there is a library on GitHub to turn this into a tilt compensated compass:
    I haven't tried it out though. I'll add this part to my wish list :)

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