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  • Your product description says, "Regular customers are welcome to order, but we want to limit the amount of extra packaging finding its way into the trash heap." Is this kit available in non-plastic packaging version?

  • This device has great promise (I received one with the first Kickstarter shipment) but is in desperate need of documentation. The Learn MicroView tutorial is a good start, but needs to explain how to use fonts/gauges/etc in addition to just providing step-by-step examples of their use.

  • Alas, it looks like it was the previous version. I ordered on 10/3/12 and paid the same amount as for this kit. Has the kit been changed since then? The case looks a whole lot nicer too. Unfortunately, I just paid $50+ to have the new SIK Guide printed atthe local copy shop. Nuts!

  • I just received my SIK. Unfortunately, the SIK Guide shipped is not the one pictured. The pictured guide provides very clear Fritzing diagrams and is eighty pages long. The one that I got has drawings of the breadboard/Arduino combination at an oblique angle that I find very hard to follow. [I do realize that I can print out the pdf file of the better guide, but however I do it, that's going to cost me extra when I thought I was getting it in the kit.] I also agree with the previous commenter that the clear breadboard could be improved upon. I agree with also that overall I am a SparkFun fan.

  • Two thoughts for beginner idea concepts, demonstrating how to incorporate transistors into a project so mini-processing units can drive devices with higher power requirements and, so closely related it's only a refinement of the initial idea, demonstrate how to control motors with mini-processing units. Thanks for doing your roundtable concept. I'm looking forward to it.