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  • I've got to put my vote in for the H-Bridge Block. You go to the Intel Edison for the miniature size and power it's capable of, and you're going to strap that bad boy down without wheels? And what is a killer robot ...erm... autonomous servant without at least 1 H-Bridge. Now wait... What?!? You get two?

  • Great videos! One question, in the first video, you show Solidworks (or a plug-in) or something, running your CAM simulation. What software are you running there? I have Solidworks, I'm building a CNC, and having CAM output is the next hurdle.

  • IMHO, Manncorp has got to be the worst Pick and place out there. Yeah, they are cheap, but you are almost better of not getting what you pay for.
    On the fly vision? HA! You're better off placing by hand...
    Sorry. Long day/year fighting with mine. A little bitter I left my multi-million dollar Panasonic PNP for more money.

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