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  • any chance of a firmware release? i'd love to port this to a micro that has native I2S...

  • These displays are quirky with a capital P.
    Documentation is extra mediocre, and 4D's support leaves a lot to be desired. Finding files on their website is also a bit of a pain...
    Displaying any images or videos involves running them through 4D's proprietary Graphics Composer program (Windows Only).
    Unfortunately, it seems to be the best option available if you want to keep your pin count low. Adafruit's got a similar thing, but it's only 2.8" and it requires 4x as many pins.

  • So, is the implication here that Sparkfun's excellent EAGLE library will soon be ported to a tool that is ACTUALLY open source?
    Because if that's the implication, I see great cause for celebration! If not... well, back to the drawing board, I guess.

  • You can check out my OSHW logo in Photoshop too...

  • too funny.

  • sounds like the problem isn't that traces are on both sides, but that the board has solder mask. cutting through traces is easy, but cutting through solder mask is a pain in the ass. use a sharp xacto and put some elbow grease into it. also try cutting with the trace to loosen up the solder mask.
    traces on both sides makes it possible to do 2-sided designs if you actually design it and do the layout on paper first. a single sided version would still be useful though.

  • is the only difference between the silver and gold the transmission distance range?

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