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Tim Starling

Member Since: June 25, 2011

Country: United States

  • A teacher is telling me on Facebook that she honestly can't tell the difference between a bomb and any piece of DIY electronics. I'd love to see an article which explains the difference, if anyone has a link or would like to write one.

  • This chip has a protective shunt which will sink up to 25mA when the input voltage goes over 20V. Yes the maximum input is 20V, but it's pretty much impossible to exceed that unless you hook it up to a low-impedance source like a 120V electrical socket. A piezo element that gives you 100V open circuit should work just fine, and will give more energy than one that maxes out at 15V. When the chip starts sinking current, the voltage across the piezo terminals will be reduced.

  • If the circuit connected to MOSI/MISO/SCK will draw more than a few hundred uA when the programmer asserts them, or if you don't want those I/Os to be asserted for some other reason, then you'll need to add jumpers or some other means to let you disconnect your circuit from the microcontroller during programming.

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