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  • I have blown out TWO of these boards with static electricity. In 35 years of messing around, I have never blown out any board-mounted device. I confess, I don't wear a wrist strap. But I'm reasonably careful about the way I handle devices, touching only edges or corners well away from pins. The relative humidity in my workspace is currently 35%. This thing has mounting holes on its corners that (apparently) conduct a static charge to sensitive spots. I had expected those mounting holes to be grounded, but I was wrong. I'm not about to buy a third one. Right now I am seriously considering an output scheme using LEDs...

    [The next day] It looks as if I shall have to eat my words. I have looked at all the alternatives and my application absolutely, positively requires a big display. There's no way I can sneak around that without making it impossibly difficult to use. Ergo, I shall have to use two wrist straps, two ankle straps, strip naked, and work on bare concrete in a hot room with a humidifier.

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