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  • Excellent display of engineering. We makers sometimes forget about heat and long running issues. Nice to see a study like this.

  • This is an interesting article. So far I have not needed lots of anything, but I need many of few. I have purchased complete sets as I hate not having little components. I have Sparkfun’s capacitor and resister sets. From others-lines suppliers I have complete sets of ICs, transistors, even more capacitor and resisters sets, and sets of various LEDs. So I would say that sets of items with an organizer and labels which I have purchased are more what folks might want. Thanks for the nice article.

  • I usually only buy those with headers installed. I hate having to source the headers and buy them. I can solder since I was eight, but I usually only buy things with headers. I am always plugging them into breadboards and building prototypes. I hate to do it myself and I am always worried that this time I will mess up the board–never do but still possible.

  • Order had exception on it. Have to tell SF where I will use it before they will ship it.

  • Enjoyed the presentation and the comments below. Thank you for another lesson.

  • Welcome back!

  • Thank you Pete was was fun to watch!

  • This is very interesting article and the comments, some a bit harsh, also have been very interesting. Thanks to everyone for stating facts and their stance. It is very interesting story. Thank you Sparkfun for doing this.

  • I only buy the serial versions of these displays as I hate using six pins for what should be simple. Will you create a serial version of this? I like the look and would use one if it was serial.

  • I purchased an old radio, replaced the worn-out radio with a arduino, LCD, and this radio.
    I managed to get RSD working to some extent and placed my code, a revision of the examples here, in the public space here: https://github.com/alohawild/Radio_2

    Please enjoy.

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