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  • looking for suppliers, legal stuff, po box, still in the way xD

  • We are in the same position kurt_ek, should make one here in central america xD

  • looks like the card is looking for Network (roving1) and can't find it, try to change the ssid on your router to roving1 without password

  • yes, You can download files from ftp servers, are some examples of how to read web pages in the datasheet

  • Hi, you have to configure the card as a client-server and open a connexion between the server and the card, you have to configure: 1)the server ip and port in the wifly module
    2)When you want a connection, can be when the module wake up from first time or wake up from some sensor or timer configuration
    3) You must have a server listen that port, I did a Java server and work great
    To receive tcp message you have to open a connection with the card, you can make some test with "UTF-8 TeraTerm Pro" the card will send you back $$$ then you can do what you want open a UART connection, read a sensor, battery status, etc.
    I hope this helps

  • Which programmer do you use? I've never programmed a PIC of this type and I haven't pickit or cd2.

  • this is PIC24FJ256DA210 or PIC24FJ128DA106? there's a lot of difference between the chips and which programmer can i use? without count the pickit or cd programmer, can i use any icsp programmer?