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  • EDIT: Never mind! I screwed up the conversion to voltage from the analog value.

    I just recieved one of these sensors but I'm a bit confused by the output it gives me.

    I'm using it with my Arduino and I'm providing it through the 3.3V output.

    Though the 0G outputs differs quite a lot between the X Y and Z outputs. For X the 0G voltage is 1.15. For Y it's 1.25 and for Z it's around 1.6 volts.

    Any ideas of what might be the cause?

  • I ordered mine from a Swedish Sparkfun retailer. So I'm not completely sure the package are the same. But mine came in a box with the dimensions 31 x 31 x 12 (cm)

  • I see that some people seems not sure about the anenometer as it closes two times for each circle. Some claim you need to change the formula for calculating the wind speed and some say you don't-

    I'm going to put together a weather station using this kit and I'll be comparing it to a Davis Weather Wizard III which is hopefully displaying the correct wind speed. So then I can tell whether the data sheet is right or not.

    Though it'll probably take some time before I can test it as I have a lot of other stuff going on right now.

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