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  • I have bought this product but i am unsure about the power part of it. I have got this http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10201 and it needs around 3.3V but can handle up to 4.2V i believe. I have installed it on the Escudo then mounted the escudo on top of the UNO. I then tried to power the UNO from 3 x 1.2V batteries on Vin which gives 3.6V. I see the LED on on the UNO go on but the EL wires do not light up. As i can see the schematic the El Escudo takes power from Vin so it should get power but it doesn't seem to work. The only way i got the Escudo to work is to give it RAW voltage from the batteries and power the UNO from USB connected to a PC. I just want to get rid of the USB power so i can run both the UNO and Escudo on battery. Any ideas what i am doing wrong ?

  • Hi,
    Can someone explain what the difference is between this and the module itself RN-42 ? I mean what does this do that the module itself do not ? I see some more electronics on this. Is it just a board soldered with the RN-42 ?

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