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  • Any chance SFE could stock the HopeRF RFM69HW modules? Whilst not a RFM22B replacement per se they are the "next generation" of modules. They look pretty good and can be hard to find.

  • I purchased this third hand mainly to hijack the magnifying glass to use with the SFE third hand (TOL-11784). I wasn't expecting this product to be very high quality and thus was expecting to throw it out, but it turns out it isn't bad after all. Think I'm going to keep it.

    If you've got the money by the SFE third hand instead (TOL-11784), if you don't this one will do the job quite nicely.

  • My wife purchased me a few of the older module RFM12B's SFE was selling and they are great! I'm going to need some more soon and was a bit worried they had gone EOL - I'm hoping with this new model it means that isn't a problem.

    I'd googled breakout boards for these modules and had come up with one's listed above as well. I've got a couple and they seem to work really well for me.

  • I just received mine yesterday and guess what? I've got the same problem too, but only on one of the arms. Fraction annoying, but I guess that is what the hardware store is for.

    Apart from that it's a really good product and it should be really useful. I'm planning on using some aralditie to glue the magnifying glass from the other third hand (TOL-09317) to this one. Hopefully it will work ok.

  • Would love a light and magnifying glass attachment.

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