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  • You use the 100-Omh resistor in the IR-LED circuit. Are You sure that the 50 mA current (with 5 volt source) isn't too large for the QRE1113? IMHO, QRE1113 is too hot.

  • In the "Programming the pcDuino" tutorial (in "Serial Communications" section) in C++ code the serial_test.h header file is mentioned. What is this file and where is situated? And how we can get it?

  • The camera on my CMUcam4 detached from the top of Propeller MCU (maybe due to warming of MCU?) And now I'm wondering should I use super glue or bubble gum to attach camera back?

  • I programmed successfully several 4D's uOLED-96 with Sparkfun FTDI breakout board a lot of times without any damages. But we must remember that these displays have 3.3 volt signal circuitry (RX & TX) and need about 1 kOhm resistor on RX pin if connect to TX of 5 volt microcontroller or another device.

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