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  • The datasheet linked to here is for a LTC-4727JS display made by Lite-On. It is identical to the sheet found on their website: LTC-4727JS. On the datasheet and on the Lite-ON site, this display is shown as common cathode rather than common-anode as Sparkfun indicates above.

    So, either this is the wrong datasheet for what SF is actually selling, or their product description is wrong. I suppose both could be wrong, but how to tell? Here's two options: 1) Since I want to buy a few of these for a project (SF actually sells them cheaper than Mouser) I could find out empirically whether they're common anode or cathode. I can use either one, but I do need to know which is which. I can then report back here for future seekers of truth --OR-- 2) Sparkfun can straighten this out themselves. Either way, from the older comments above, this has been a matter of confusion for years. Frankly, I'm a little surprised.

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