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  • Just finished watching the According to Pete videos for his stereo system (awesome) and I have this kit in my cart awaiting purchase. My one (newbie) question is why do you need an op-amp for the L and R channels before it hits the STA540 (especially with a gain of only 2x from the op-amp)? The STA540 has a 10x amplifier; why not just feed the source audio signals into the STA540? Will the source device not provide sufficient current to drive the STA540 or are you just using the op-amp for filtering?

  • I really tried not to be a pest and ask this but I am waiting on these to place my order. Any idea when they will be in stock again?

  • It looks like the datasheet does not call for a current limiting resistor for the LED but at the same time I do not see one anywhere in the specs. Has anyone hooked it up to see if it does or does not require the resistor?

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