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  • I measured the power during start-up, 67mA@3.3v. During normal operation, 52mA@3.3v. During backup power, 25uA@3.3v (note: microamps, on the battery line). I also measured about 35uA@3.3v on the Vcc line in backup mode, but I'm not sure if that wasn't some parasitic drain and possibly Vcc can be disconnected during backup (not tested). Be nice to have the datasheet for the actual GPS receiver part, AMY-6M I think, but it is restricted. Using backup power definitely improves start-up time. About 90 secs cold start (inside a building, weak signals), 12 secs warm start (same location).

  • There is an error in the voltage/resistance table for the wind vane. At 315 degrees, the voltage should be 4.33v not 4.78 as shown. I made a spreadsheet to run the numbers at 3.3v and different load resistor and noted the error.

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