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  • Hi folks!! i though this awesome GPS module was retired!, is good to know there's a new, improved product. i have my own (old version), working at 115200bps and 1Hz samplig rate for testing. o wrote a routine that can send commands into the unit. i send a restart command into the module, the module "should" send me back an ACK message, but, i get a completely diferent message from the especified in datasheet (same size of ACK, NACK, but 2 or 3 bytes different). does anybody have made applications like mine, that could help me?

    in my opinion, this module is simply awesome and cheap ($60 with shipping to Colombia). i can get 3D fix positions inside my house, away from windows or doors. the only thing you should take care is the antenna. GPS-00177 antenna tends to brake in place where cable gets into the shield. some epoxy fix that "issue".

  • Hi RobertC
    i just changed sampling frecuency to 4Hz.

  • Hi folks. a friend of mine bougth this gps module for me. he recomended to me for its speed and accuracy.
    first 20 minutes, the unit worked fine (trough skytraq software).
    then, the module started to send garbage. since then, i cannot make it work properly again
    there's a way to reset or repair the unit?

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