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  • I'll second the request for PlatformIO support. The Arduino IDE just doesn't cut it for any 'interesting' project.

  • Yeah, thanks for the steps. Unfortunately the steps didn't work on my Ubuntu 16.04, Arduino IDE 1.8.5 configuration. After purging anything related to Sparkfun (in IDE preferences), restarting with a fresh copy of the above referenced JSON file, and selecting the Apollo3 install, I finally got to the message (paraphrasing) "Sorry, we don't have the tool chain for your installation"

    Actually, the error message is: "Tool arm-none-eabi-gcc is not available for your operating system." Which is really curious since I've been using this tool chain for all my nrf52832 development.

    UPDATE: I discovered one problem is that I had another Sparkfun entry in the preferences file, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sparkfun/Arduino_Boards/nrf5/IDE_Board_Manager/package_sparkfun_index.json and this was overwriting the update with the Apollo3 boards (I didn't noticed that the target file had the same name). Also, I was able to install the tool chain on my Windows7 system, so it must be unique to Ubuntu (maybe a version issue?)

    Second and final UPDATE: I spoke too soon about the installation, as soon as I selected the Artemis ATP board I got a slew of error messages: "Invalid library found in C:\Users*****\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\SparkFun\hardware\apollo3\1.0.0\libraries\CoreTesting: no headers files (.h) found in C:\Users*******\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\SparkFun\hardware\apollo3\1.0.0\libraries\CoreTesting" Then, when I built the basic Blink example (none of the Artemis specific examples show up) I got a bunch of errors related to files not found (this is most likely due to the fact that my user name has a space in it - I've seen this before with other build scripts).

  • I just installed the board support on IDE 1.8.8 on Windows 7 and get the same error. There is a problem in the platform.txt file where the DFU ZIP file is created. The macros for the path to the nrfutil.exe does not expand properly and creates a path that looks like: "C:\Users\user" "name\rest of path.../nrfutil.exe" Where the 'user name' is split if it has a space in it and only the first part is treated as the command.

    Well, I figured out a workaround... basically comment all the lines that look like:


    Then, replace the first part of the .windows line with this... recipe.objcopy.zip.pattern.windows="C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\SparkFun\tools\nrfutil\0.5.2-SFE\dist\nrfutil.exe" dfu genpkg...

    It's a hack but it works... (without getting into the mysteries of how {runtime.tools.nrfutil-0.5.2-SFE.path} gets incorrectly set).


  • Does the Arduino Bootloader peacefully coexist with the Nordic 'softdevices' (ie, S212 & S332)? Is it replaceable/restoreable through the SWD interface?

  • Anyone consider how this might affect the WiFi coverage near a wall painted with this stuff?

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