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  • Thanks for your feedback. I tried updating the firmware, and all appeared to be fine during the process (i.e., I saw the flash steadily for a while, and then turn solid, just as the “Using the boot-loader” section of the User Guide indicates it should).

    Now, however, after re-booting it I no longer get the 3 quick flashes of the status LED: now I get 1 long blink (indicating no formatted microSD card media found). I tried re-loading the firmware 3 times, and the same thing happens every time.

    (By the way, I am using the same MicroSD card with the same MP3 files as was being read previously, and also it is the same one that seems to be getting read fine for the firmware upgrade.)

    I’d appreciate any new suggestions…


  • Hello!

    I’m unable to get tracks to play via triggers using the file name standard in the User Guide.

    I have done the following: 1. Confirmed that MP3 files play just fine by pressing the navigation switch. 2. Tried naming the files properly according to the User Guide: i.e., “001 ocean waves.mp3” for the file that should play when input 1 is triggered, “002 Ship Sounds.mp3” for the file that should play when input 2 is triggered, etc. These files don’t play when triggered. 3. Read the troubleshooting guide at www.jakerjam.com/support. Took a look at the “Spoken Number Test Files” and saw that their names are different than those in the user guide. Changed mine to match: i.e., “TRACK001.mp3” for TRIG01, etc. and this works.
    4. Thought maybe I had a filename length problem, and so tried “001ocean.mp3”, “002ship.mp3”. These do not play. Even just “001.mp3” doesn’t play. The only thing that works is “TRACK001.mp3”, etc.

    I’m wondering if I’ve got a card with old firmware or something. I’d rather know for certain before proceeding to update it, if possible.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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