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  • https://www.research.ibm.com/tjbot/ use this instead

  • Explore AI with TJBot link is down....

  • FYI your picture is confusing you show this is a one cell. Yet in the photo showing off the connector you show a 3 cell battery. Just thought I would point that out

  • Great article. You guys should mention that not only is it difficult to make and build a satellite. But their are a bunch of restrictions to your design, there are satellite that cost billions of dollars up there and to damage one of those would be severe. Another thing is something like live google earth will most likely not happen anytime soon...if at all ever. Think of all the national security that would threaten. Drug dealers and smugglers could easily use this to their advantage as well and that is just the beginning of problems have live overhead can cause. As cool as it sounds and would be this is something that is not happening.

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